Sassa status checks can be easily done online

The Sassa SRD grant was initially introduced as the Covid grant to help those without a job during the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea was to help those who didn't have any income at that time to be able to buy essentials like groceries and toiletries. The government has realised that this SRD grant has become necessary for those who don't have jobs and it has been renewed a number of times by the government. Both the President Cyril Ramaphosa, and the Minister of Finance have confirmed that the SRD grant will be continued. In fact that have said not only will it be maintained it will be improved. The first improvement was to increase the amount from R350 to R370. There is much speculation that the grant will website be improved further and changed to a Basic Income Grant in the near future. You can visit your local office of Sassa to check on the status of your SRD grant. However that will mean that you have to stand in a long queue. It is much simpler to go online to do your Sassa status check each month. You have to do the check each month to see whether Sassa are going to be paying you the grant. If they they you have received more than R600 into your bank account in the month they will not be paying the grant to you. So you have to do the Sassa status check each month to see if they will be paying you the money. We have all the details on how you can do the Sassa status check online via the Sassa website.

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